Antonio Strad™ Baldwin Violin


The Baldwin Violin’s beautifully flamed wood and high quality hand craftsmanship lends itself to an extremely powerful sound. Want to see more? Check out all of our violins.


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Violin Sizing

How to measure for the Violin

Lift the left arm and extend it fully to the side, parallel to the floor with the palm facing upward. Measure from the neck to the middle of the palm.

It’s better to play on an instrument that is a bit smaller than one that is bigger, especially for beginners. See our chart for the approximate sizing.

Also, please feel free to give us a ring. We can help over the phone or even FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts: 800-284-9788

Violin Sizing
Violin SizeArm MeasurementAge
1/32less than 14''1 - 3 YRS
1/1614'' - 15.9''3 - 4 YRS
1/1016'' - 16.9''4 - 5 YRS
1/817'' - 17.9''5 -6 YRS
1/418'' - 19.9''6 - 7 YRS
1/220'' - 21.9''7 - 8 YRS
3/422'' - 22.9''9 - 11 YRS
4/423''+12+ YRS

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Baldwin Violin

The Baldwin Violin’s beautifully flamed wood and high-quality hand-craftsmanship lends itself to an extremely powerful sound. The tone is complex and nuanced, offering the player great versatility in achieving different colors and textures. The Baldwin Violin’s sound projects well even at soft dynamics, while also offering explosive power when needed. This violin is perfect for players looking for complexity and variety in sound while also having great projection at all dynamic ranges.

Available in 4/4 size


  • 100% handmade instrument
  • Professionally setup at our main workshop in San Antonio
  • Solid carved wood
  • 10-year aged spruce top
  • 10-year aged maple back and sides
  • Inlaid purfling
  • 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs, fittings, and tailpiece with 4 fine tuners
  • Hand-carved French Aubert bridge
  • Evah Pirazzi Strings

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 Reviews

  1. 7 out of 7 people found this helpful
    Mark C.
    Excellent performance, design, and quality

    Excellent performance, design, and quality
    First, I’d like to thank the people at Antonio Strad for the exceptional service, from pre- to post-sales. The overall buying experience is unmatched. Now, I know why my friends have recommended this shop to me when I needed to buy an advanced violin. I had a firsthand experience on the reliability of these people.
    They’re always willing and ready to help. They also scheduled a demo to show me how this violin would play, and I thank them for helping me come up with an excellent decision. So, I bought this violin and observed these points.
    Things I liked about it
    • Lovely, rich, full, deep sound quality
    • Excellent finish and classic appeal
    • Gorgeous design
    • Exceptional strings
    • Premium bridge, fingerboard and pegs
    • Fully assembled, tested, and tuned
    • Lots of colors and textures
    • Easy to use and user-friendly fine tuners
    Overall, I liked the distinct sound produced by the Baldwin. It is rich in depth, color, and texture. Its beautiful artisanship is also highly-recommended. Best in class. Happy purchase!

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  2. 6 out of 6 people found this helpful
    Jeff W.
    Superior quality instrument and supportive team.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank Antonio Strad for the amazing Baldwin Violin. They helped me select this professional violin in every step of the way. They’re responsive to all my questions, and I know they really knew this violin so well.
    It was time that I get myself a professional violin. Saved for this one, and happy that I have chosen it.
    The Baldwin is my ultimate upgrade.
    I’ve tried and played this for an hour when it arrived, and these are what I have observed. Out of the box, what I first noticed is the elegant flamed wood, which grains telling me that this is a professionally-crafted and handmade violin.
    The sound is powerful and its tone is versatile that it allowed me to achieve desired textures and colors.
    This violin has an excellent projection even at soft dynamics.
    It produces clear and vibrant sound. And whenever I needed it to produce powerful sound, it delivers, too!
    I have never been so happy like this before playing another violin. This one gives me variety that I’ve always wanted. Projections are perfect regardless of the range.
    The Baldwin is every violinist’s dream and am one of the lucky ones who had the chance to experience it myself.
    They’re very powerful and intensive. They’re perfect for soloist. They offer an outstanding response in every level, while giving impressive playability. The resonance is sweet, full tone, and noble. Love their richness and complexity with powerful overtones.
    The varnish is impressive, too, complementing its flaming. Some flames become more pronounced than the rest, too. I think it depends on where light is hitting the back of this violin. I cannot seem to find the words but all I can say is that its flame is incredible. This violin’s appearance is like no other.
    Setting up
    No issue with turning the pegs, all very smooth. They can easily be adjusted, and I believe you’ll be impressed with it.
    What can I say? The Baldwin offers a balanced sound, not too bright nor too dark. I guess the strings have much to do with this. They’re resonant, powerful, and intensive, not to mention the violin’s fine-quality construction to the overall sound that the Baldwin produces. My family loves this violin!
    Overall, there is no other violin that comes close to the Baldwin! It feels comfortable, not too heavy, and plays excellently.
    Thank you Antonio Strad!

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  3. 4 out of 4 people found this helpful
    Rose W.
    Violinist's best friend

    The Baldwin is a premium, professional violin that I bought at Antonio Strad.
    You can tell out of the box that it’s handcrafted by a luthier. I’ve had several professional violins in the past and must say this one exceeded my expectations in every aspect.
    I think even other soloist would agree that Baldwin has the appearance, sound, and overall performance that make a premium quality instrument.
    It is professionally setup, as it’s adjusted and tuned by Antonio Strad’s people. My fellows love it and were impressed by the way it sounds.
    Its wood is aged for at least 10 years, a great range ensuring it will sound well. Not to mention, this one has a maple back and sides and a spruce top, which are absolute factors for creating lovely music.
    The dynamics are superior, soft, moderately loud, loud, and very loud. Nuanced and complex, this violin’s sound is perfect for soloist that wants more complexity in their sound.
    I can perfect its sound anytime and without any issues.
    This beautiful violin is the best gift that soloists and professional violinists can give themselves. Highly-recommended shop with the best people around. If I could, I could have given this violin a rating of 10/10. Thanks Antonio Strad!

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  4. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Dave K.
    Great violin. Happy with my decision.

    Our family would like to thank Antonio Strad for this fine-quality, elegant Baldwin violin. It is very rare to find an instrument this good when it comes to its sound.
    I think Antonio Strad is one of the best violin manufacturers that commit to the quality of their creations. I am pleased with the carefully planned and well-designed instrument that is made accurately to play the way it is desired by soloist and professionals. Seasoned players would agree that this is one of the most unique violins that is authentic to its sound, which is open, rich, and clear overall.
    It is obvious that it is handmade and every piece that comes with it is carefully chosen. I liked its finish and appearance. I am confident that it will be with me for the years to come.
    The strings are also remarkable along with its inlaid purfling and bridge.
    Its sound also projects well in every level. The perfect violin for players that want to achieve variety and complexity. Its high-quality also allows it to produce powerful sound, while offering players with different textures and colors. Its projection is excellent out of the box, and its tune is also well set. There is no more that I needed to do. Excellent violin.

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  5. Paul H.
    Great purchase, even better Baldwin

    My Baldwin is an amazing instrument. It was a little out of my budget but I decide to put a large portion of it on Affirm and will make monthly payments instead of buying a less expensive violin.

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