Professional Basses

Professional double basses in the Antonio Strad catalog are a choice selection of first-rate instruments demonstrating masterful quality. Each is handmade and set up in San Antonio Texas by formally trained luthiers. Their years of bass-making and performance experience mean that every part of our professional instruments is made from only the best materials and components available, with seasoned performers in mind. Beginning with aged woods selected specifically for only our finest instruments, a hand-carved French bridge, a distinctive warm finish, and finalized with a handpicked set of strings, the completed double bass is one of outstanding craftsmanship that can match your skill with its rich and complex tone.

The high caliber of our professional class basses provides an exceptional sound without needing to strain the limits of a more novice instrument. Whether you require a violin for professional performance or personal enjoyment there is an Antonio Strad violin for you. Explore our catalog of professional double basses below to select one that fits your taste or call us for a video demonstration so we can help find the instrument that is the best match for you.

Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

Professional Bass FAQs

What are the best professional double basses?

At the professional level, a bass should have a rich voice and be able to carry a wide range of techniques and styles, but you probably knew that already. All the professional double basses in our catalog are high-quality, capable, and masterful handmade instruments. The differences between them are a matter of personal preference, so please browse our selection or contact us so you can get a professional bass that best fits your needs.

Are these basses only good for paid professionals or are they appropriate for skilled hobbyists as well?

Absolutely! You deserve an instrument of quality that matches your level regardless of whether you’re playing for a paying audience or not. Our professional double basses are made to create an exceptional playing experience for skilled bassists, where that playing happens is up to you.