Advanced Cellos

At Antonio Strad, our advanced cellos are hand-made with well-aged wood and professionally set up here in San Antonio, TX. That means the instrument plays well and stays in tune. A good sound will encourage you to play more. And the more you play the better you’ll get.

Our advanced cello outfits include the best of what you need to keep growing as a musician. Every instrument is accompanied by a hand-carved French bridge, a set of quality strings, and a bow to match. This means you’ll get a clean, open sound and a place to explore musically without the constraint of a less responsive instrument.

All of our advanced cellos include free shipping, easy 45-day returns, and the Antonio Strad 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at our selection below, or get in touch if you would like a hand in choosing the best advanced cello for you.

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Showing all 6 results

Advanced Cello FAQs

What are the best cellos for intermediate and advanced players?

A quality advanced cello should promote continued growth from its player. This means you want an instrument with a more complex voice and can handle the nuanced technique that sets an intermediate cellist apart from a beginner.

What should I prioritize in an advanced cello?

Being handmade is going to be a cello’s most important quality, especially at the advanced level. A handmade advanced cello is going to be able to support the rapid improvement in a rising intermediate player, whereas a factory-made instrument may struggle to keep up with growing technical skill resulting in a more stunted sound. Meanwhile, a handmade advanced cello will have a rich tone that grows with you.

At the advanced level should I be buying my bow separately?

We pick the bows in the advanced cello outfits to match the caliber of the cello. However, if you want a specific bow not offered in our outfits, you can absolutely purchase your cello and bow separately, and if you would like further advice in this regard please feel free to get in touch so we can help pick the best cello and bow combination for you.