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Rental Terms

CHANGE SIZES ANYTIME: Rental instruments may be exchanged for another size at any time.

CANCLE ANYTIME: Our contracts are month to month; you can cancel anytime. The deposit can be used for last month’s rent with 30 days’ notice before the due date.

EARN RENTAL CREDIT EVERY MONTH: With our rentals you earn rental credit every month. Our program is designed to encourage and incentivize people to upgrade into advanced instruments.

USE YOUR RENTAL CREDIT TOWARDS BUYING AN INSTRUMENT: You can use your rental credit towards buying your current rental or new advanced instrument. Renter may accrue rental credit (not including the protection plan or tax) towards the purchase of this specific instrument or an upgraded instrument. Payments must be made on time, the account kept current, and the outfit returned in its original condition to qualify. All rented instrument outfits remain the property of Antonio Strad Violin until the instrument outfit is paid in full. Rental credit will continue with the upgraded rental, not to exceed 80% of the total value of the rented outfit (if the account is current.). If you are upgrading to a new purchase, you have the ability to earn up to half of your new advanced instrument. Because our program is meant to encourage you to get a great upgraded instrument this is not a “rent-to-own” program where you would be stuck with an entry level instrument. It is a rental with the option to buy. Credit cannot be combined with sales or discounted instruments. This is not a “cash back” program; it’s a rewards program meant to get you or your child into an advanced instrument.

WE HAVE A PROTECTION PLAN: The Preferred Protection Plan ($10/mo) covers the instrument, bow, strings and case from major/minor damages, loss in fire, or theft.* The Basic Protection plan ($8/mo) is available but does not include string coverage. Excluded from both Protection Plans is negligence, cosmetic damage, intentional damage and/or abuse. Antonio Strad Violin will maintain the rental in excellent playing condition and cover minor repairs such as worn bows, small openings, re-cut bridges and normal wear/tear on cases. We will cover major damages such as broken necks, repairs requiring opening of instrument, or repairs that require complete replacement of item. Repairs that may exceed the value of the instrument are given sole discretion by Antonio Strad Violin whether to repair or replace. All repairs must be done at Antonio Strad Violin. Repairs made by any other business or individual are prohibited and will not be reimbursed. *In the event of loss in fire or theft, renter is indemnified and released from this Agreement with copy of a Police Report filed by renter within 14 days of incident. The following statement must be in Report: “Stolen instrument (with serial number). Notify Antonio Strad Violin at 210-349-9788 if found.” An account 30 days or more past due is not covered.

PAYMENT: Renter agrees to pay for all rental fees on the account plus any additional charges as provided in this agreement. The rental period begins on the day you rent the instrument. Subsequent rental payments are due by this same date every month, or the date specified in this agreement.

RENTAL RENEWAL, DEPOSIT, and RETURN: Renter will pay the first month’s rent and a deposit matching that amount in the initial payment. The rental will automatically renew every month. The account will not be closed and will continue to accrue fees; until the instrument is returned. No rental fees, including initial payment, will be prorated, or refunded. All returns must be made to our store and a receipt issued. Any credit accrued may not be held for future use.

AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGES: As a convenience to the customer, the customer herein authorizes Antonio Strad Violin to bill the credit card or debit card that is listed on the reverse-side of the agreement or provided to us by phone or in-store card swipe.

LATE PAYMENT: A late charge of $8.00 will be added after a 5-day grace period including due date per month on past due invoices.

TITLE TO ASSETS: The instrument, case, bow and any other items included at the time of the rental are assets of Antonio Strad Violin. The renter must pay the balance in full to purchase the instrument. Antonio Strad Violin may go to retrieve the outfit from school or any other location for non-payment of rent. The renter may not sell, pawn, use for collateral security, or loan the instrument. If this account becomes sixty days or more delinquent, in order to avoid legal proceedings, renter agrees to authorize charges to pay the balance to purchase the outfit, rental fees, and late fees on the credit or debit card(s) listed on this Rental Agreement.

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