INFORMATION: Renter affirms any information furnished to us is true and complete. This information is required to establish and conduct business on your account. We may inquire into your credit, employment, and income records, verify your credit references, and report to credit bureaus and other interested parties. You agree to inform Antonio Strad Violin of changes in your home address, home or work telephone number, and checking account or credit card information when the changes occur.

PAYMENT: Renter agrees to pay for all rent made by you or others using your account plus any charges as provided in this agreement. The rental period begins on the date of your renting the instrument. Subsequent rental payments are due by this same date every month, or the date specified in this agreement.

RENTAL RENEWAL/RETURN/EXCHANGE: Renter will pay the first and last month’s rent in the initial payment. The rental will automatically renew every month. The renter must contact us prior to the next billing cycle to terminate the contract and apply the last month’s rent from the initial payment. The contract will be reinstated if the instrument is not returned before the next due date. No rental fees, including initial payment, will be prorated or refunded. All returns must be made to our store and receipt issued. Any credit accrued may not be held for future use. The instrument may be exchanged for a larger or finer instrument at any time if the account is current. The minimum rental charge is one month. With the return of rentals for less than two months, a short-term fee of $15.00 is charged. All repairs must be done at Antonio Strad Violin. Repairs made by any other business or individual are prohibited.

OPTIONS: Renter may accrue 100% (90% for billing option B or C) of rental fees (not including Protection Plan) as credit toward the purchase of this or a finer instrument. Payments must be made on-time, the account kept current, and the outfit returned in its original condition to qualify. Discount may not exceed 80% of the total value of the rented outfit. Rental credit may also be applied towards the purchase an upgraded instrument not to exceed half its regular value. This is not a “rent-to-own” program. It is a rental with the option to buy. All rented instrument outfits remain property of Antonio Strad Violin until the renter has exercised their option to buy. Notice to buy must be made in person or in writing.

PROTECTION PLAN: The PROTECTION PLAN is provided with no deductible. Antonio Strad Violin agrees to maintain the covered instrument/bow in excellent playing condition and case in a fair usable condition. Antonio Strad Violin will repair or replace the instrument, bow, and/or case with items of comparable make, quality, and condition in the event of accidental damage. In the event of loss in fire or theft, renter is indemnified and released from this Agreement with copy of a Police Report filed by renter within 14 days of incident. The following statement must be in Report: “Stolen instrument with serial number. Notify Antonio Strad Violin at 210-349-9788 if found.” Instruments used in performance for pay are not eligible for coverage. The Protection Plan is non-transferable and any fees paid are non-refundable. An account 30 days or more past due is not covered. Excluded from the Preferred and Basic Protection Plan are cosmetic damage, negligent loss, mysterious disappearance, damage from a shoulder rest, a third party, unauthorized repairs, arson, vandalism, abuse, civil insurrection, military or warlike action, or nuclear accident. The Basic Protection Plan does not cover replacement strings.

LATE PAYMENT AND RETURN CHECK CHARGES: A late charge of $5.00 will be added after a 5-day grace period including due date per month on past due invoices. A charge of $26.97 will be added to your account for each returned payment. AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGES: As a convenience to the customer, the customer herein authorizes Antonio Strad Violin to bill the credit card or checking account that is listed on the reverse side of the agreement or provided by phone only when the rent becomes more than 5 days past due. The customer agrees to maintain these accounts open and within credit limits to permit the timely charge of payments.

TITLE TO ASSETS: The instrument, case, and bow are assets of Antonio Strad Violin. The renter must render balance in full under the conditions in this agreement in order to affirm ownership. Antonio Strad Violin may retrieve the outfit from school or any other location for non-payment of rent. When this agreement is terminated for delinquency on payments and the instrument is not returned, under the Texas Penal Code 31.04, this becomes unlawful. The renter may not sell, pawn, use for collateral security, or loan the instrument. Renter also agrees to be liable for any collection, attorney, or court fees incurred from the legal process of repossessing a company asset, past due rent, and/or late fees. If this account becomes sixty days or more delinquent, in order to avoid legal proceedings, renter agrees to authorize charges to pay the balance to purchase the outfit, rental fees, and late fees on the credit or bank accounts listed on this Rental Agreement.

Your acceptance acknowledges you have read and agree to these terms, and that you agree to pay all rent on your account as well as any other fees assessed from this Rental Agreement. Taking possession of this rental further acknowledges acceptance of the above-mentioned terms.