Why Take Private Lessons?

Students often benefit from the personalized attention of private lessons. Our experienced instructors are professionals who have been part of symphonies around the world. They understand what beginning students need and can help take experienced musicians to the next level. Lessons take place weekly, in 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour increments.

Antonio Strad Violin’s teachers give beginners much needed one-on-one time, cementing a strong musical foundation of basic techniques and good practices. Lessons are the perfect complement to school programs. Students fine-tune skills, gain confidence in their abilities and stand out from their class. We encourage parents to stay involved by meeting instructors, sitting in on lessons and asking questions.

Even the more advanced musician can benefit from our lessons. Instructors help polish musical training, enhance technique and increase musical repertoire. We have helped many students become first-chairs and soloists.

Studying music leads to increased hand-eye coordination and higher academic test scores. Private lessons build confidence, teach discipline and provide a means for self expression. As a beginning student, private music lessons are highly recommended to help lay down a strong musical foundation and teach the basic techniques needed to succeed. Student enrolled in an orchestra program will finely tune the skills learned in school through private lessons. Our instructors will give them the individual attention needed to progress to higher performance levels. You will see your child blossom with new confidence as they seize opportunities to try out for auditions and competitions. Additionally, your student’s efficiency while practicing will increase notably, with the detailed instruction of our proficient instructors as they guide the student and enhance the enjoyment of playing. Private lessons will polish skills, allowing development of a wide musical repertoire and opening doors for more playing opportunities.

Whatever your level, private string lessons enhance the lifelong benefits you gain by playing a musical instrument. Numerous research studies have shown students involved in musical activities:

• Have higher overall academic test scores
• Improve their mathematical abilities, reading comprehension, problem-solving, memory and concentration skills
• Build self-confidence, good self-esteem and self-discipline
• Learn the value of teamwork and leadership
• Improve hand-eye coordination, thus increasing physical neural connections in the brain
• Develop an appreciation for the fine arts
• Tend to be more relaxed by having a method of self-expression.

Take the next step towards your musical success. Contact us for help with finding a teacher in San Antonio or for lesson times available at our studio. Antonio Strad Violin’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the best all-around musical experience possible by offering you not only quality instruments at affordable prices paired with unrivaled service, but also music lessons taught by the experts. At Antonio Strad Violin, we’ve assembled a group of degreed and specialized instructors eager to share their knowledge with you. Our studio offers lessons with over eight different instructors, ensuring that we will find one who will work best with you to optimize your musical experience. All of our instructors have experience playing professionally on the international and local circuits, and with teaching music to young, old, beginning and advanced students.

Want your child to have a head start? Need a competitive edge against other string musicians? To learn more, give us a call or visit one of our stores.