Fine Bows

Certified by Bow Experts

Most of our fine bows come with a Certificate of Authenticity from one of the leading experts of French violin bows, Jean-Francois Raffin of Cabaret d’Archetiers Experts in Paris.

Fine Bows for the Sophisticated Musician
A.R. B ULTITUDE, English-Violin
Charles Alfred BAZIN, French-Violin
Charles Nicolas BAZIN, French-Violin
CUNIOT HURY, French-Violin
Emile BOULANGEOT, French-Violin
Emile Francois OUCHARD father, French-Violin
Emile OUCHARD father, French-Violin
Emile OUCHARD, French-Violin
Francois Nicolas VOIRIN, French-Cello
Francois Nicolas VOIRIN, French-Violin
Francois PECCATTE, French-Violin
Victor FETIQUE, French-Violin
Gand BERNADEL, French-Violin
Hill, English-Cello
Hill, English-Viola
Hill, English-Violin
Jean Baptiste VUILLAUME, French-Cello
Jean Joseph MARTIN, French-Violin
Jerome THIBOUVILLE LAMY, French-Violin
L BAZIN, French-Bass
L. DOLPHIN, German-Violin
L.MORIZOT brothers, French-Violin
L.MORIZOT, French-Violin
LABERTE, French-Violin
Louis BAZIN, French-Violin
Louis Joseph MORIZOT father, French-Violin
Louis MORIZOT father, French-Cello
Marcel LAPIERRE, French-Violin
MORIZOT brothers, French-Bass
NADEGINI, German-Violin
NURNBERGER School, German-Violin
Otto DURRSCHMIDT, German-Violin
OUCHARD Workshop, French-Violin
PAESOLD, German-Violin
PFRETZSCHNER School, German-Violin
Roderich PAESOLD, German-Viola
School of BAUSCH, German-Cello
School of OUCHARD, French-Violin
School of OUCHARD, French-Violin/Viola
School of PECCATTE, French-Violin
School of SIMON, French-Violin
School of WEISHOLD, German-Violin
SIMON/BAZIN School, French-Viola
VOIRIN, German-Viola
Workshop of CUNIOT HURY, French-Violin

The list goes on and on…

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