Peter Infeld Violin Strings

Peter Infeld Violin Strings


*rich spectrum of sound colours
*perfect blend of power and elegance
*high dynamic range
*instant bow response
*superior tuning stability
*three E string and two D string choices
*first ever Platinum plated E string

The new Peter Infeld violin strings were especially designed for discriminating players who take pleasure from the strings’ distinguished ability to produce complex tones and hence a rich spectrum of sound colors, the power and elegance as well as a high dynamic range. Three particular features which are perceptible after only a few moments of playing are the instant bow response, the superior tuning stability and the soft left hand feeling.

The first ever platinum plated E string on the market (PI01PT) produces an aesthetic sound with substantial warm, powerful and clear content with a great capability of modulating the tone. The feeling under the fingers is remarkably soft and the material maximizes prevention from corrosion.  Moreover,  the platinum is a biocompatible material and thus causes no allergic reactions.  The tin plated E string (PI01SN) has powerful and focused tonal qualities.  The whole set of the new Peter Infeld strings is a perfect blend of power and elegance.

Thanks to their balance between brilliancy and warmth, the unparalleled projection combined with their extraordinary performance characteristics makes playing the new Peter Infeld violin strings a thrilling experience that can be enjoyed every day.


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Peter Infled E Platinum: (+ $22.00)



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