Kun Bravo

The Kun Bravo is unique among wooden shoulder rests. The Bravo's bent hardwood laminates alternating in grain structure provide maximum strength with some flexibility. As a result, this rest maintains Kun's instantly-recognizable ergonomic shape, easy attachment to the instrument, and stability in use. Handcrafted in Italy from European flamed maple, the Bravo has exceptional aesthetic appeal, while its polished brass ends are fully-adjustable and incorporate Kun's patented locking device.

Available for viola and violin (4/4).

Overmoulded forks with the latest in elastomer technology provide a strong grip on the instrument and screw allows for height adjustment.

Polished solid brass end members add elegance to the shoulder rest and incorporate Kun's patented locking device.

Precision brass nut fastens end member securely, resisting effects of vibration.

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Kun Bravo

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