Glasser Fiberglass Violin Bow

Glasser, the company that patented the world's first fiberglass bow, offers standard fiberglass violin bows that feature a half-lined bow frog with metal under-slide and an imitation three-part button. Their standard fiberglass bows have genuine unbleached white horsehair and a leatherette grip. Their fiberglass bows offer students a good alternative to inexpensive wood bows since they are more durable and are resistant to warping.
Price: $39.00

Bow Sizes:
4/4 (full-size)

3/4 (three-quarter)

1/2 (half)

1/8 (one-eighth)

1/10 (one-tenth)

1/16 (one-sixteenth)

1/32 (one-thirtysecond)

indicates a required field.