CodaBow Diamond SX Cello Bow w/Bonus

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Our Diamond SX Cello CodaBow is certified and 
comes with a 10-year warranty!

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This CodaBow is sophisticated and reliable: the CodaBow Diamond SX Cello Bow is the ideal "touring" bow for every professional artist and teacher. It has a premium design, Graphite Diamond weave shaft technology, Kevlar acoustic core, and comes in a natural graphite tint. This Diamond SX Cello CodaBow has a Coda inlay, Xebony engineered Ebony body, Diamond Weave slide, nickel silver fittings, Moroccan leather grip, Sterling Silver winding, and a simulated Ivory tip plate. It is made with Gold Medal Stallion horse hair. Each CodaBow is individually numbered, and comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

At CodaBow, we intend for our relationships, like our bows, to last a lifetime. For that reason, we stand by our customers and by our bows with the best warranty in the industry. We warrant the shaft of your CodaBow against defects in workmanship and material for the term of the warranty under normal playing conditions. (Warranty term for each model is specified in its FEATURES page.) This promise is our commitment to you, the original registered owner, and cannot be reassigned. PLEASE NOTE: A CodaBow Warranty is available ONLY on a NEW CodaBow purchased through an AUTHORIZED CodaBow Dealer.

Treat your CodaBow with the same care and respect all fine instruments deserve and it will reward you with a lifetime of playing pleasure.

To ACTIVATE YOUR WARRANTY, please register your new CodaBow immediately upon purchase. Please be sure to retain your original receipt for future proof of purchase.

If your CodaBow requires servicing, please return the bow (along with a copy of the original sales receipt) to: CodaBow Workshop, 876 East Third Street, Winona, Minnesota 55987. If the shaft is properly registered and covered under warranty, CodaBow will repair or replace the original shaft accordingly. Rehair and shipping charges will apply. Additional charges may apply for any repairs or replacements required as a result of normal wear, misuse, negligence, or alteration of the bow.



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