Cobra Cello

Introducing the amazing Cobra Cello. It is a beautiful, lightweight, full-scale electric cello which features a unique self supporting system. This self supporting cello system allows you to STAND (or sit) and play. The self supporting Cobra Cello sports a comfortable shoulder harness which the Cello attaches to. This allows you to stand and move freely with your instrument. The Cobra features the same mind blowing depth of sound that all Wood Violin instruments have come to be known for.

The lower strings on the 5 & 6 string Cobra Cello models grants you access to earth shaking low end and clear crisp highs. With the Cobra, all things are possible. Available in either 4, 5, or 6 string fretted or fretless and in any color you can possibly imagine. The innovative design of the Cobra Cello utilizes similar techology to that of the Viper Violin by featuring a self-supporting shoulder harness support system (patent pending) which offers unparalleled freedom of movement to the modern cellist along with outstanding quality of tone.



  • Lightweight hollow body construction
  • Self Supporting harness system
  • Incredible tone
  • Geared tuners for effortless tuning
  • Available in 4, 5 or 6 string configurations
  • Tuned in 5ths like a ‘traditional’ cello (high to low E A D G C F)
  • Available in Fretless, Fretted or Phantom Fretted (lined fretless) fingerboards
  • Custom finishes available 


  • Body - poplar wood
  • Fingerboard  - select ebony
  • Tuning machines - sealed gear
  • Strings - custom SuperSensitive
  • Pickup - Barbera Transducers
  • Tailpiece - Thomastic 4, 5, and 6-string models
  • Available fretted or fretless

In the 20 years since its inception, Wood Violins has built its stellar reputation as a true leader in the electric string market. As the creator or Wood Violins, world-renowned electric violinist Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Celine Dion) is truly honored to be part of the best electric violin company in the world. Priding themselves on being the only electric string company run by string players for string players, Wood Violins is often referred to as the “Stradivarius” of high-end custom-built electric violins.

Please CLICK HERE to see samples of the different colors and finishes available before you place your order.

Cobra Cello Options:
4-String Fretless with Barbera Pickup: + $3699.00

4-String Fretted with Barbera Pickup: + $4199.00

5-String Fretless with Barbera Pickup: + $4199.00

5-String Fretted with Barbera Pickup: + $4699.00

6-String Fretless with Barbera Pickup: + $4799.00

6-String Fretted with Barbera Pickup: + $5299.00
Cobra Cello Finishes:
Cobra Cello Colors:

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