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“He did an excellent job, so I just keep coming back. These are highly specialized repairs, and he has people that have the expertise.”
—San Antonio Symphony Bassist, Mr. James Chudnow, as quoted in the San Antonio Express News about our service on his 180 year-old, $130,000 bass.

“My “new” violin was such a wonderful surprise. I am enjoying it very much and appreciate so much your expertise and special touch. The difference is remarkable, really.”
— Educator, Ms. Deanna Badgett, amazed her violin is as good as new after repairing it at Antonio Strad Violin.”

“After receiving the violin that your shop fixed for me, I was very happy to see the broad change, both in tone and in terms of playing it. It is now a lot easier to play and the tone now has a clean precision to it. Thank you so much!”
—Violin Phenom, Ms. Nancy Zhou, on her violin repair performed by Antonio Strad Violin.

Our repair and restoration services have been called “a hidden treasure of Texas” by professional symphony musicians. Customers are amazed at the quality of our work, the improvement in their instrument’s tone quality, and the way cracks and chips seem to disappear.

Antonio Strad Violin’s expert luthier team understands your instrument, whether it’s a violin, viola, cello or bass. We also know the importance of appearance, comfort and playability. We know how structure affects tone. Our experts specialize in string instrument repairs, from the most minor of adjustments to full-scale restorations. We use only the highest quality materials available. When instruments are repaired by Antonio Strad, pieces are hand-carved by master craftsmen and upgraded with the finest materials available. We simply make your instrument the best it can be.

Antonio Strad Violin won’t settle for making a violin “as good as new.” We’d rather aim higher. with over 30 years experience, we are vastly the superior choice for a major refurbishment as well as smaller and equally vital repairs on anything from instruments to bows.

Trust Antonio Strad Violin to handle your instrument with precision, care, and respect. We exceed expectations.

If you are looking to place your finer instrument on the market, talk to us about the option of placing you instrument on consignment at Antonio Strad Violin. Let our tradition of high quality and experience guide you to the right buyer.

We offer appraisals by our experienced owner and instrument expert who has been in the industry for over 30 years. If you need an appraisal for insurance purposes or would like to take stock of your precious possession, give us a call or drop by for more information: 800.284.9788 or 210.349-9788, locally.