Stefano Conia, Italy ca. 1976

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Stefano Conia Italy, ca. 1976

Stefano Conia was born in Hungary in 1946. When young he began studying the violin and became interested in violin-making much like his father who held a diploma from the International School of Violin Making in Cremona. He moved to Italy and attended the International Violin-making School in 1968 studying with Maestro Sgarabotto, Morassi and Bissolotti. He returned to the School as a teacher for over 20 years, first as expert in varnish and restoration, then to teach instrument construction.

In his workshop, his instruments were inspired by the models of the classical makers.
His instruments he use carefully chosen aged wood where the shape and arching are classical and the varnish intense. Each piece of every violin is carefully controlled and perfected according to its acoustic function. Conia has been awarded many prizes in national and international competitions. His instruments are recognized and appreciated throughout the world. He is member and founder of the Italian association of Violin-makers (ALI) and the European Association (AEL). Stefano Conia
falto in Cermona
Anno 1976