Russell Coe, Indiana 1980

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Russell Coe – Albion, Indiana 1980

This violin was made by Russell L. Coe of Albion Indiana, 1935-2002. According to Mr. Coe’s widow, his father was also a luthier. Mrs. Coe continues to keep all of the corresponding files on the beautiful instruments Russell Coe has made. This particular violin was created in April 1980 and is #60 of only 163 built. Information was handwritten at the top of the back of the neck so as to be able to identify the instrument if it was stolen and the paper label removed.

This particular violin is finished in a dark brown varnish where prominent red streaks are visible which were common is his instruments. This violin plays easily and have a powerful, full and even tone. Mr. Coe also built several violas and cellos and in doing so became friends several members of the American Viola Society where members will attest to the fine detail of craftsmanship that went into each of Mr. Coe’s instruments. Many of his remaining instruments today have found their way to Europe.