Rudolf F. Schmoll, Portland, Oregon 1939

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A Fine Violin by Rudolf F. Schmoll
This Violin is only 1 of about 8 instruments that Schmoll made during his lifetime as a luthier. This violin plays itself, it is very responsive and has a brilliant tone that most soloists would love to have.

SCHMOLL, Rudolf F. was Born 1904 Hanover Germany, died after 1942 Portland, Oregon USA.
Rudolf Schmoll served his apprenticeship under Theodor Berger in Markneukirchen, Germany from 1921-1926 and received his journeyman’s degree shortly after that time. From the years 1926-1932 he worked in several violin shops in New York, Utah and California. In 1932 he received his master’s degree from the Instrument Makers Guild in Marknekirchen. Upon his return to the United States he established his business in Portland, Oregon where he devoted most of his time to repairing bow instruments and was therefore only able to make a few violins. He only made 8 violins using Stradivari and Guarneri Models, he used both oil and spirit varnish from orange yellow to reddish brown.