Paul Bailley, French 1906

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A fine violin by Paul Bailly, 1906.
Paul Bailly was born 1844 in Mirecourt and died 1907 in Paris France. He was pupil of Galliard and J. B. Vuillaume and then worked successively in Lille, Douai, Mirecourt, Paris, Brussels, America, Rheims, London, and for Harry Dykes in Leeds. He finally moved to Paris in 1899, established at 197 rue de Grenelle. He accomplished very fine, varied work and was a copyist of classical models

10 Madaillan Or. Vermeil Argent er Bronze
Paul Bailey
No 1228 Luthier
A Paris s pnny M L Bourne, ste
Ancies Eleve de J.B. Vuillaume de Paris
1907 rue de Grevelle Paris 1906