Jacobus Stainer, ca. 1650

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A fine violin by Jacobus Stainer, ca. 1650.
Jacobus Stainer was born 1617 and died 1683 in Absam, Innsbruck Austria. He is considered the greatest Germanic maker and one of the most influential luthiers of all. For much of the eighteenth century his reputation outstripped the Cremonese throughout Europe and his designs were copied wholesale. The entire Tyrolean German school of violin making and the core activity in the towns of Mittenwald, Markneukirchen, Klingenthal, and Schönbach (now Luby) were based on replicating his work. The Stainer model also became dominant throughout Italy, France, the Netherlands, and England in the eighteenth century and was the pattern for makers like Tecchler, Serafin, Pietro Guarneri, Rombouts, and Wamsley