Giorgio Corsini, Rome Italy 1949

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Giorgio Corsini, Rome Italy ca. 1949.
1913 - 1990
This violin was made in Rome, Italy 1949. This excellent instrument is in a light finish and has a beautifully figured maple neck. The top is a very straight, medium spaced grain spruce top and the tone produced is well balance, with a warm lower register and bright upper register.
Giorgio Corsini was Born 1913 in Tivoli and died in 1990, fl.from 1952 Rome Italy. He was a violinist and a self taught violin maker, guided by R. Fredi. He was a fine craftsman and had various models of instruments with a wide range of varnishes. He also made cellos, double basses, violins, and violas d’amores. He was occupied with repair work for the “atelier” (French for Workshop) of the violin maker Fredi, by this time the shop was ran by his daughter, from 1949 to 1951. He then established his own shop in 1952. He earned medals at the 3rd violin making competition in Rome, and in Florence 1957. He is very highly regarded in both his skills as a maker and in his restorations.

Label: Giorgio Corsini
Roma 1949