Felix Mori Costa, Italy

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Felix Mori Costa Worked from 1798-1825 in Parma, Italy. Costa had a very distinctive workmanship and character in his instruments. Costa was strongly influenced by Parma-period Guadagnini of 40 years earlier. Costa may have encountered Giuseppe Guadagnini, but Costa was more probably influenced by Antonio Borelli, the son of Andreas Borelli, both comparatively rare makers active in Parma during the second half of the century. Costa’s works were elegantly slender models, though not always entirely well-governed. His work featured long soundholes and sometimes low-set nicks in the Guadagnini manner. The nicks themselves were cut in an unusual manner. His works had low arches but were nicely rounded form. His scrolls stylish with a narrowly constricted throat. Costa also used a very fine varnish on his instruments.