Antonius Poller, 1912 SOLD

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An exceptional violin by Antonius Poller. Labeled Antonius Poller Fecibat Viennae Anno 1912. Two pieces well flamed maple back with selected spruce top, the profuse oil varnish of a rich golden red color, excellent workmanship, rich beautiful sound.

Antonius Poller: Born at Fleisser (Bohemia), 1873-1925, learned his profession at Schonbach and Markneukirchen, worked in the best shops in Germany, Austria and Hungary, established in Vienna 1909. Attained a unique position in the Austrian metropolis, a position similar to that held by Hill & Sons in London, with very careful modeling, mostly Antonius Stradivarian. Altogether superfine workmanship, reddish-yellow oil varnish soberly applied.